Magenta Project Will Let You Run iOS On Android

This project is what I dream for years. And now it's here.The hacker Chronic has recently been actively tweeting about an upcoming project called “Magenta“. The Magenta Project is essentially aiming to replicate iOS on the Linux kernel. In more technical terms it is an implementation of Darwin/BSD on top of the Linux kernel that will by fully binary compatible with iPhone iOS 5.0 firmware. This essentially means that you could run a stable version of iOS on Android smartphones.
Project Magenta "iOS Clone"
At this time not much is really known about the Magenta Project, but work is defiantly underway and more progress is being made by the day. In fact, the progress made already is actually available for other developers to poke and prod at as this is an open source project.
By now I am sure you are wondering whether or not actually running iOS applications will be possible considering Magenta is fully binary compatible with the iPhone iOS 5.0 firmware. According the developers:
No, because I’m not aiming to have compatible high level frameworks. Just think
about how much work is required to have a 100% compatible implementation of UIKit
or Celestial. HOWEVER, the CoreOS part should be 100% (or 99%) compatible. Just not
the higher level OS. If you’re just interested in this because it will “run iOS apps”
please go away.
This is not to say however, that once the project is completed another developer will not come along and complete the work required to get iOS applications running on Magenta. For more information on the Magenta Project you can visit official website by clicking here. What do you think about eventually being able to run iOS on generic hardware like Android smartphones? Share your responses and further thoughts in the comments section below.

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