Best And Perfect Dock For Your Smartphone

Ever wanted to use your IPhone or Android device to power up a slim Macbook Air styled laptop.Clambook is a new laptop docks that lets you connect your Android device or the iPhone and use it as a laptop. Of course, only the apps on your phone can be used and it’ll connect to the internet using the phone’s data connection.
Clambook, designed and developed by CalmBook is probably the best docking station for your mobile device, iPhone or Android. It powers up only when you connect your phone, works just like your phone, but has a multitouch trackpad, full QWERTY keyboard and a 16:9 widescreen display. It has no processor, RAM, storage or any other hardware of sorts and is entirely powered up by your phone. However, it also charges the phone when connected to it so your phone doesn’t run out of juice. Pretty interesting tech and it looks, if not exactly, very similar to the Macbook Air. Hope Apple doesn’t sue them for copying their design.
ClamBook Review
The Clambook works better with an Android Phone and lets you use the multitouch trackpad to pinch-zoom, two finger scroll, swipe and move around. It even has three dedicated Android keys, however, Apple’s iPhone will also work fine with this amazing piece of hardware. But, since Apple’s limitation, you won’t be able to use the trackpad to control the iPhone. It’s sleek, light and looks damn good while letting you quickly finish up your report or watch a movie. Just connect your phone and you will have a very expensive looking, ultrabook like laptop.
Release Date For Clambook
The company behind this has yet to give out the full specs and the pricing of this device, but they’ve promised that it should be available this summer. For more details on the Clambook laptop dock, you can visit their official website here.

Im looking forward to see this dock arrive Cambodia

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