How IOS6 UI Might Look !

I really want to see what's new for this WWDC 2012. For me Im looking forward to see the next generation MaceBook Pro and a whole new design for IOS 6 
With Apple widely expected to unveil the next generation operating system - iOS 6 at the WWDC 2012 Keynote on Monday, folks at MacStories point us to this impressive concept video created by designer Joost van der Ree, which shows how Apple could enhance the app switcher, Notification Center and notification badges in iOS 6.

Multitasking (App Switcher:(
Joosts' concept shows how Apple could enhance the app switcher by bringing OS X's Mission Control functionality to iOS.
Swiping up at the bottom of screen displays thumbnails of apps (rather than logos) running in the background with their current state. You can scroll vertically through all the apps running in the background. Tap on apps such as Safari gives you easy access to all the open tabs in Safari (which are arranged as stacks). Double tap while browsing in mobile Safari to switch to full screen mode.
Dynamic Notification badges:
We really liked the idea behind dynamic badges. When you swipe down on an app icon with badge counter notification, it gives you a preview of the notifications. It's like having access to the Notification Center for each app from the Home screen so that you can quickly look at the notification without launching the app.
Notification Center:
Swiping down on the status bar and d2agging down allows you to take a sneak peak at the notifications and widgets.
Joost says that Flipicons is actually inspired by the Dynamic Icons concept by Jan-Michael Cart. Joost explains how it works:
The Flipcons are similar to Quick Look in Finder, where you can get a preview of the content without opening anything. This would work very well in apps with ‘softer updates’ like news and social, where you don’t want to see a badge count for every update. When there is an update to an app, the icon would get a small dog ear. In that case you can pull it down to make it flip. The ‘flipped site’ of the icon would display the updates.
Check out the video of the concepts below:
It will be interesting to see iOS 6 offers similar functionality. We won't be too surprised if a jailbreak developer releases a tweak on Cydia that brings some of these concepts to life.

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