Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Trailer : Pretty Awesome Graphic Gaming Experience

Gameloft company is a very big and well known company which develops iOS, Android and PC games, and today one of the games that we are expecting to see it this fall a new and awesome game called Modern Combat 4: Zero hour which will be coming for iOS and Android devices. Today Gameloft has just posted a new second video trailer for the game to highlight the visual aspects of this awesome-looking first-person shooter. This follows a game-play trailer released on September 25. The high-definition graphics promises to really shine on the iPhone 5.
The game trailer is showing a very high quality graphics that the game will support, it was also confirmed by Gameloft that the app will be compatible with the iPhone 5.  The game’s graphics is driven by the Havok engine, which has been improved on mobile and now features real-time shadows. Check out the second video trailer for the game.. Really it is awesome:
Of course, large scale firefight, lots of orange explosions and big open spaces are all part of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, arguably one of the most anticipated game releases on both iOS and Android this year.
You won’t be only playing a U.S. soldier: Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour also puts you in the shoes of the villain Edward Page, which is kinda nice. Finally I am going to leave you with these awesome screenshots via Gameloft:
See how the game graphic looks amazing and unbelievable ? For more information about the game release time, story and etc.. you can head forward to the official website for the game, oh and here’s also the first trailer for the game for the people who didn’t watch it..

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