Sleep If You Can — A New Annoying Android Alarm App That Won’t Shut Off Until You Take a Picture

Getting out of bed in the morning is a tough task. Being a college student, it’s even tougher for me and I’ve tried every possible Android alarm app for this purpose in vain — from alarm apps that require mathematical questions to be solved to apps that require puzzles to be solved in order to dismiss them. None worked; I even started sleeping with a Casio to solve those math questions!
Sleep If You Can is a new Android alarm app that should probably solve this problem forever. It won’t go off until you take a picture that matches with a pre-defined picture. Does it sound easy? Yes it does. But when the picture that needs to be taken is of your bathroom basin sink or any place that’s pretty far from your bed, it’s definitely going to wake you up.
sleep if you can (Android alarm app) (1) sleep if you can (Android alarm app) (2)
Basically, it’s a pure clone of the default Android alarm app plus its take-a-photo-or-I’m-not-gonna-stop-screaming function. It can be configured to play alarm even when the phone is in silent mode, which can be very handy. Other basic configurable options include changing alarm volume, alarm tone, snooze duration and auto-silence.
This alarm app has been tested intensively on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running CyanogenMod 10 and it runs quite perfectly.
Note for CyanogenMod users: Sleep If You Can seems to have some compatibility issue with CyanogenMod if you’ve enabled Quick Unlock in your lock-screen settings, where the alarm sound gets disabled as soon the phone is unlocked.
QR Code for Sleep if you canSleep If You Can is completely free app available on the Play Store. Download it from the link below or scan the QR code using a QR code scanner app for Android such as Barcode Scanner.
Play Store: Sleep If You Can

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