Fabrik is a new eBook Reader for Android That Syncs your eBooks with Dropbox

Here’s a new free eBook app for Android for those who enjoy reading on their smartphone — Fabrik. While there are various popular eBook readers such as Aldiko, Moon+ Reader and others that boast a plethora of features, Fabrik sets itself apart with its elegancy and simplicity.
Fabrik has a very simple user interface sans any bells and whistles and the user interface is well built. The home screen displays available eBooks in a list manner, unlike the recent trend of showing eBooks in a bookshelf. Each time the app is opened, the books fly in from the bottom with a nice transition animation. Beside each book, its reading progress is shown on the home screen represented by dots.
The book pages have a nice very light grunge texture with options for jumping to different chapters, sharing the eBook, adjusting text size and toggling night mode.
Fabrik currently supports ePub, TXT and Mobi file formats with support for images. One impressive feature of Fabrik is its capability to automatically grab book covers from the internet.
Perhaps the most amazing feature of Fabrik is its seamless integration with Dropbox. Once connected with with your Dropbox account, Fabrik will keep your eBooks synchronized with all your Android devices. It even syncs your reading progress for individual eBooks so that you can start reading them from where you had left on a different device. It can also import eBooks present in your designated Dropbox folder automatically.


The app is fairly new and so it’s not perfect yet. It has got its own set of quirks as well as some room for improvement. To start with, the font is a bit un-readable for me. I generally prefer serif typeface, like Georgia, but the app uses a sans-serif font and there’s no way to change it. Letter spacing in text further seems to be a little too wide. For some weird reason, the app’s brightness setting is also flawed and it remains dim while reading a book no matter how high the screen’s brightness is set. Talking about improvements, the app could could certainly help itself by adding in more adjustable options such as a brightness slider, page numbers, showing page numbers while scrolling, etcetera.
Thankfully, most of these flaws are small ones that can be fixed easily by the developer. A few more improvements and Fabrik can easily be seen going head on with Moon+, Aldiko and other popular eBook readers, not for its features but its intuitiveness and simplicity. The only app I can remember for its simplicity and elegancy is probably Google’s own Play Books app, but it’s unavailable in most of the countries.
Fabrik is one of the most elegant eBook reader you can find around and is available free of cost on Google Play Store. It’s currently only available for mobile, but a tablet version is on its way.
Play Store: Fabrik (free)

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Fabrik is a new eBook Reader for Android That Syncs your eBooks with Dropbox |iDownloadGeek