PoiseCam Ergonomic iPhone Video Capture Grip (video)

PoiseCam Ergonomic iPhone Video Capture Grip (video)
Anyone who has used their iPhone to capture video footage over long periods of time will already know it can get a little awkward and uncomfortable after a few minutes.
This is where the new PoiseCam iPhone 4 camera grip concepts comes in. It’s been developed by Mark Johnson and is currently over on the Kickstarter website looking to make the jump from concept to production. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
Using PoiseCam with the iPhone camera will greatly reduce arm and hand fatigue while shooting.  Enabling you to shoot for  longer creating more stable stable shots and smoother pans, tilts and rolls. Its designer and developer explains:
“The PoiseCam story begins in October of 2010. I was enjoying my new iPhone 4 and its amazing HD video quality while capturing my kids running, playing and enjoying the rides at a local pumpkin patch. I noticed that during long takes my hands started to tire out while squeezing the phone between my thumb and index finger. It seemed to get the job done, but the experience didn’t feel natural, nor was it very comfortable for longer shots. A fellow father next to me was shooting with his handy little camcorder and I thought: it would be nice to attach my phone to that camcorder so I can use the strap.”
So if you think you could benefit from using the PoiseCam iPhone camera grip, jump over to the Kickstater website to make a pledge.

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