Is it “iPad HD” Instead of iPad 3?

March 7 is not very far now. It’s five days at best and speculations of the name of the device that Apple is going to launch / release is already ripe. Well, for us, it’s still the iPad 3 but several indications have now surfaced which seem to think otherwise.iPad HDSome tweet leaked the inventory at Griffin’s which makes high-quality case covers for iPads and other iDevices. The listing shows three occurrences of what is termed as iPad HD (3). So is the iPad 3 really called “iPad HD”? Perhaps.griffin-ipad-hdAnother popular case cover manufacturer, Belkin, has also been reported to have named the iPad 3 as the iPad HD.
There is this application called Tapatalk for the iPad, BlackBerry and other devices, whose usage data has been depicted by Gizmodo. The report there points out to a small percentage of the usage coming from what’s termed “iPad HD.”tapatalk-ipad-usageOf course, the data pointers could be changed easily so there’s no concrete proof that the iPad 3 is actually named iPad HD. As regards nomenclature, there has always been this time of intense speculation in every iDevice’s pre-release time span. We had discussions about the iPhone, about the iPad when it first arrived, and about other iDevices too (for instance, iTV).
The iPad HD naming claim comes with a supportive stance though. The most prominent of iPad 3 featuresis the dual-LED backlit display offering a HD display that far exceeds the Retina Display on iPhones. Could this answer the “iPad HD” nomenclature?
Other awesome iPad 3 features that have been constantly rumored are the A6 processor, enhanced cameras and LTE connectivity (which is highly anticipated).
The March 7 iPad 3 release date seems to have caught up with the entire fraternity now. If the iPad 3 is launched then, when would be iPad 3 release date? We can speculate that a full-fledged release might happen in mid-April or May depending on the demand and the supply chain segment.
Anyway, let’s all wait for the huge happening that will settle the name – iPad 3 or iPad HD!

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