Best Cydia Tweaks and Apps for Siri

With the iPhone 4S jailbroken finally, Siri gets a bucket load of cydia tweaks that come as a real and welcome surprise.
Siri – the Apple of the eye on iPhone 4S – is the most popular app which garnered rave reviews on the launch of iPhone 4S. It doesn’t require an introduction here. It’s that popular.
But well, let’s just accept the fact: Siri, like most other built-in iPhone iOS apps has had its own limitations. To begin with, Siri is cool till you want to look for YouTube videos right from Siri. Or you want to launch other third-party applications, tweet, translate etc. right from Siri. These are things that seemed impossible – till the jailbreak arrived and broke all such misconceptions. There are quite a number of Siri jailbreak apps but we’ve chosen the best Siri Cydia tweaks. Here, we present you some of the top apps / tweaks you can try to spice up your Siri both in looks and functionality.
Best Cydia Tweaks/Apps for Siri
1. Siri Mic Colors
Tired of the usual pink color of Siri’s Mic? Want some change? Well, look no further. Siri Mic Colors brings you the correct option – change the color of the mic to a beautiful blue, green, red or yellow! And not just this, but the app will change the color as you speak – depending on how loud your voice sounds!! All, with the simple Siri Mic Colors cydia app. To get the Cydia App, you just have to add the following resource to the Cydia resources:
You can change the colors of the Mic via WinterBoard. It’s pretty straight forward and free to use!
2. Hands-free Control
It’s all fine but the very purpose of a voice-assistant seems to be somewhat beaten when you have to open Siri through manual-controls! Say you are driving the car and you’d like to look up something, or text someone without having to take your hands off the wheel to open Siri on your iPhone? Here’s an app that will let you open Siri just by saying ‘Siri’ to your iPhone – and it will open Siri!!
The Hands-free Control is available on the Big Boss repo – for a measely $2.99.
3. SiriToggles
SiriToggles is one of the few apps which are very important to make Siri something really valuable. In fact, Apple should have added this functionality to Siri right when they launched it – but nevertheless, here’s it now.
SiriToggles lets you launch apps (any, including jailbreak apps), control settings like WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular Data etc. You just have to say ‘Launch [AppName]‘ and the app gets launched. Or just say ‘Toggle on (/off) [Setting]‘ and the setting gets toggled. You can even control the brightness setting via SiriToggles.
SiriToggles is available via BigBoss repo – for free!
4. SiriUtils
SiriUtils is much like SiriToggles – but it gets you additional features.
SiriUtils lets you launch apps (just like SiriToggles), disable/enable utilities like Bluetooth and Wireless, and also Power off the iPhone! The change-brightness routine works here too. Even more functionality comes in the form of battery-info which you can look up right from the app – through a simple voice command (what’s my current battery level?)
5. Sireet – Siri+Twitter
Tweeting through voice is cooler than having to type your tweet. Sireet brings this functionality to Siri. It is a simple and cool app which lets you tweet right from Siri. Just say ‘Tweet [your tweet here]‘ and Siri responds with a ‘Tweet Sent’ message. That’s it. The ModMyi repo brings you the Sireet Cydia tweak for Siri.
6. Custom Siri Background
This is one of those cydia apps that will change the look of Siri. The routine iOS background for Siri looks all fine but what if you want to get a bit more creative with it? Well, here’s your chance!
The Custom Siri Background is one of the most popular Cydia tweaks ever – giving you the option of changing the Siri background to whatever image you want. This one too is available on the ModMyi repo – and for free!
7. AssistantExtension
The AssistantExtension needs no introduction. It is, again, one of the most popular extensions for Siri that come with some cool features. This tweak combines quite a lot of other tweaks – launch apps from Siri, change SBSettings, send tweets and do much more. There are two extensions here – one for searching videos on YouTube (results with thumbnails of videos are listed within Siri) and one for translating (that uses the Microsoft Bing Translate API).
Developers and hackers can actually develop their own plug-ins for AssistantExtension and get lots of additional functionalities on Siri.

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