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Running out of space in your iOS device? Try deleting some of the unused apps. But then we might need it later on, so that may not work for everyone. Hey, what about recovering some storage capacity by removing the space-hogging files? And you can do that easily with PhoneClean.
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iMobie PhoneClean is a desktop tool which cleans up your iOS device to release some extra space back for use. It deletes files such as temporary files, cookies, script files, media files that failed to sync properly, and cached and offline files. PhoneClean is available for both Windows and Mac.

Clean IPhone, IPad, IPod Touch

PhoneClean is available for download here. Before starting to clean your iOS devices with PhoneClean, it is advisable for you to do an iTunes backup first. In case something goes wrong, you still have your iTunes backup to restore it to your device.
By connecting your device with PhoneClean it will show you the details of your device. PhoneClean allows you to choose which type of files that you want to scan (and subsequently delete) from the iOS device. There are four types of file:
  • Temp and Junk files
  • Cache and Off-line files
  • Cookie and Script files
  • Sync-failed Media files
As you can see for this review, our sample device has 19.19GB free space and 10.34GB used space. Let’s see how much free space we can recover after scanning.
used and free space
Scanning can take up to a few minutes depending on your device capacity.
scan result
By clicking on the ‘arrow’ icon under Detail, a list of apps will be shown, along with the number of files it has and the sizes. Uncheck the apps that you do not want deleted. Go back and click on Clean upwhen you are done.
uncheck apps
After it finishes cleaning it will display the amount of space that has been recovered.
recovered space

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