5 Things That Makes LG G2 Popular

The LG G2 is a device made after plenty of market research and LG claims it has learnt from the users in designing the phone. The standout feature no doubt is the volume rocker and the power button, which are placed at the back of the device instead of the sides. The LG G2 is a power beast. It is powered by a Quadcore Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 SoC with each CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz.
The device has a gorgeous 1080 P 5.2 inch IPS display. There is a 13 MP camera with OIS at the back to help you capture those special moments alongside a 2.1 MP front facing camera. There is 3000 mAh non removable battery to keep the device charged. Unfortunately there is no Micro SD slot for memory expansion but the device does come in a 32 GB variant.
LG_G2_new-578-80We have been playing with the device for about a week or so now, and here are five features that we have come to really adore of the device.
By no means this is a review of the device, just a set of features that we really like on it, the final review will follow once we have had sufficient time with the device

Knock On

We have complained in the past how most of the smartphone manufactures seemingly cannot get the placement of the power button right. With devices becoming bigger than ever, it is pretty much impossible to reach the button if it is located on the top. Even though, if it is placed at the sides of the device, if the length across is too much getting to that button can be a problem.
LG G2 Knock OnThis is where LG have got it spot on with the G2. The Knock on feature basically allows you to unlock the device by simply taps on the screen. This way, you can wake the device from anywhere on the screen estate without having to find the exact switch. The feature is certainly not the first on the G2 as several Nokia devices including the Asha 501 had the same double tap to wake feature.
LG G2 1The feature does work 75% of the time, though we are sure LG will fix the issue of it not responding the other 25% in future updates. You can also double tap on blank screens outside apps to get the device to sleep.

The Power Button and Volume Rocker is on the Back of the device

LG has placed the power button and the Volume rocker behind the device just below the Camera module. We had reservations about the lens being smudged with figure prints but that was not really much of an issue in our limited time with the device.
LG G2 Rear KeyHaving the power button and volume rocker at the back of the device means that it is more natural for the index finger to find it rather than moving the finger all over the device. Not just that, but the feedback on all three buttons is actually really good and despite our reservations initially regarding the configurations, we came out impressed.
LG G2 3Especially against a device like an HTC One where it takes a lot of pressure to press the Volume rockers and find the power button, the LG G2 does the job very well. We would still like to test if the Camera does indeed have troubles in case we use oily hands on the module while pressing the power button.

Audio Zoom

Audio Zoom is a pretty cool feature, where you can tap on to Audio Zoom and simply zoom into a subject to be able to hear what the subject is saying more clearly. This works pretty well, but we like the feature more for its potential rather than what it is currently. Basically, it is like hearing the subject just as you zoom in closer to it.
LG G2 Audio ZoomIt feels natural and just like if you were going closer to something you would hear it louder and clearer.
LG G2 4We have never been a fan of digital zoom on a smartphone and the LG G2 is no different. Although you do get some decent audio zoom, the quality of video goes on pixelating. However, it is an interesting feature, and one we feel with a few updates can really get going. However, right now it is far from perfect.

Guest Mode

Guest mode is a pretty cool feature which basically allows you to give your device to others without worrying about them peeping into your device and still being able to do some basic things with the device like accessing few selected apps.
LG G2-40-52You simply set up two patterns, one for unlocking the device, while the other to log into the guest mode. You can select which apps are available for guests. By default, these apps are Camera, Quick Remote, Video, Music and Calculator. You can obviously add more apps to this and take advantage of the guest mode.
LG G2 Guest ModeWindows Phone did something very similar with their Kid’s corner and it was a really convenient thing. You can leave a few games, Camera and maybe an Internet browser so that if anyone uses a device in Guest mode, gets enough things to do without meddling with your personal stuff like messages and contacts or make accidental calls.

Q Remote

We covered this feature when we covered the LG Optimus G Pro.
It is an extremely convinient feature and once you get to using it, you will find it very frustrating juggling between remotes for all electronics in your house. The app works with pretty much every appliance and unlike the IR Blaster on the HTC One which is rather inconsistent with Indian electronics, the LG counterpart does a smashing job.
LG G2-36-09The app although a great utility app is wonderful when you want to have a light moment or two. We ended up configuring a few TV sets on the railway station and turning them off, only for the authorities scratching their heads as to what was wrong with their TVs. It is a feature that is as utility a feature as they come. We havent really found much difference in the app from what it was for LG Optimus G Pro to be honest.


The LG G2 is certainly one of the best looking and functional devices out there. In our week of using the phone, we have certainly learnt that the device has some every useful features. It may not turn heads like an iPhone 5s or even an HTC One would, but with innovations such as the ones we have listed above, its totally a device that deserves a shot at being one of the better options when you are looking for a high end smartphone.
LG G2-34-57We will uncover more things and in-depth analysis of the LG G Pro in our full review soon. In case, there is anything specific you want to know about the device, do drop us a message in the comments section below.
Featured Images Courtesy: LG

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