Handfree Capturing 360 Degree Image With Cycloramic

Every once in awhile, an app comes along that introduces brand new capabilities for the iPhone. Cycloramic is one such app, and it’s one of the neatest I have ever come across. The app lets you take 360 degree videos or panoramic photos completely hands free on the iPhone 5. All you need is a flat and level surface with the vibrator on, and the app does the rest. You simply place the iPhone 5 upright, press go, and the app uses the vibration at calculated amounts to rotate the iPhone 360 degrees, and capture everything it see while it spins.

It sounds too good to be true, and that is why it’s so amazing to see it in action. The app works exactly as advertised, and it’s so neat to see your iPhone rotate all by itself. Once you capture footage, the app has a built-in editor to make it easy to view your Cycloramic creation. The app works best on glass or granite surfaces, and is best in the house when there’s a greater chance for a level surface. You can still get it to work outside with a glass table, or even a hardbound book, and an average sized mirror.
When Cycloramic first launched, it was relatively basic with a gimmick feel to it. Now though, there’s version 2.0 that introduced the panoramic photo mode as well as compatibility with the iPhone 4/4S. Cycloramic now has an assisted mode beyond the hands free mode allowing you to record 360 degree videos or panoramas as you spin while holding your phone. The assisted mode is a lot like the great 360 Panorama, and that’s in addition to the ground breaking hands free mode for the iPhone 5.
Cycloramic ($0.99, iPhone) is as neat as they come for apps, which provides both showmanship and practicality in one package with the two different modes in version 2.0. Cycloramic is a should buy that is even higher recommended for iPhone 5 owners.
Cycloramic in action:
Cycloramic captured video:
Cycloramic Trailer:

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