Split Large Files With WinMend File Splitter [Window]

It's a tool which split files into several parts. With it you can choose the maximum size or number of shares that any file should be divided. Within minutes you will have a huge file cut into many pieces, thereby facilitating their storage and sharing on the Internet or recording in any media (CD or DVD), for example. WinMend File Splitter is a intuitive and very easy to use program, ideal for those who need to share files and always thought this was a complicated task. Its interface makes life easier for the user with information and well laid out buttons that makes this task even more complicated. The program is completely free, its appearance can be changed with just one click and it's light, even when performing its duties split or join files. Anyway, this software is extremely simple and efficient to the same extent. If you want to split files for sharing on the internet or write in several different disks, this program is enough. One downside is you will need this tool again to join the splited files otherwise you will not be able to open it again. More to read.
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This process is actually very simple. First you must need to select the file to be split in the Source file. Right beside of this, there is another field called Output path, where you should indicate the destination of the splited parts of the file. After selecting the source and destination, you now have to select the criteria for division. You have two options, you can either split the file into a specific number of files or you can split file into a maximum size. If you want the first one, select the Specify number of blocks and enter the number of blocks that will split your file. If you want to limit the size of each block, select Specify block size and enter the desired size.
WinMend File Splitter Split Large File Into Several Smaller Ones And Join Them Again [Windows] (3)
Once everything is ready, click Split and follow the progress of its cut through the bar on this screen. Upon completion of this task, your original file will remain exactly the same and you will have splitted files on destination folder. Those files are followed by .Winmendsp extension like .Winmedsp0, .Winmendsp1 etc,
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Now you will need to join the files before using them. This must be done through the same tool, WinMend File Splitter and is an extremely simple process, much like the division of the file. First, go to the Merge files tab. There, select the first file from the splitted files by clicking on the plus sign (+) at the end of this Files to merge section. Find the first file, add it to the file and then specify a directory on your system to be the target of the new file to be created. That done, click Merge and follow the progress bar for this junction.
WinMend File Splitter is an extremely easy tool to split large files into several smaller ones and then rejoin them again for usage. This tool can be very useful if you need to share a large file. WinMend File Splitter is a freeware tool works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8 Release Preview.


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