Pebble Universe — A New, Fun Filled Physics Game for Android

Pebble Universe, after gaining enough popularity in iOS, has been released for Android. It is a cute and fun filled physics based game. The game features ‘pebbles’, a family of of cute creatures whose peace has been destroyed by, again, cute looking monsters. Your job is to help the pebbles fight back.
The game-play at first seems to be inspired from Angry Birds, sharing a similar story of good (pebbles) vs. evil (monsters) and also has contains different pebbles with different capabilities. Anyway, the basic job of yours is to kill the monsters by pushing pebbles from high and smashing them with each other which makes them explode. Timing is everything in this game and even a single second makes a lot of difference. I cannot even count the number of retries I had to do so as to get the perfect timing combinations.
The game is just overloaded with cuteness — pebbles, monsters, sounds like ‘ayiyeooo’ , ‘rubiii’, ‘apiyyo’ and everything you can find in the game is just too cute. If you’ve a girlfriend then this game will be perfect for her for its utter simplicity.
pebble universe
Pebble Universe is one of those arcade games that you can quickly play while standing in a line or sitting in a bus for a few minutes, unlike those fully featured games like Final Fantasy or GTA III, for which you require lots of free time.
The game doesn’t specify any limitations and so, it should run fine on any phone having decent specifications. But by looking at the high-definition graphics and level of detail, I’d recommend to play it on phones having large screens (4-inch or more) for better a experience.
high graphics
The game is free to play sans any ads, but is limited to only 25 levels. Further levels (and more pebbles) can be unlocked through in-app purchases. Grab it from the Play Store before your friends do:
Play Store: Pebble Universe (Free)

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