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Today, with many different internet service providers at different speeds, sometimes it becomes difficult to know whether we are really getting the performance of the connection what was promised by the provider for what we paid. Previously we have talked about Traffic Shaping and there you have seen some ISP’s are limiting your internet speed. To monitor this activity and to check your internet speed as well as internet usage, you need to have a Network Monitor tool. We previously shared two different tools called NetTraffic and NetSpeedMonitor to do this job. Today I am featuring another tool to monitor internet connectivity called NetWorx. NetWorx is perhaps the most famous and powerful free internet monitor tool available yet. This application is a super lightweight and easy to use tool that does exactly what it features. It measures the bandwidth speed of your connection by collecting input and output data. More to read.
NetWorx Monitor Internet Speed & Check Internet Usage On DailyWeeklyMonthly Or Custom Basis [Windows] (1)
NetWorx is a Windows network monitor software that will help you to evaluate the bandwidth speed of your Internet connection. It can help you to identify possible sources of network problems, check and ensure that you do not exceed the bandwidth limit (for monthly limited users, for example) specified by your ISP or track traces of suspicious activity that might be done by Trojan Horse or malicious programs. No manual settings are required to start using this super useful application. Once installed and while active, the program will show an icon in the System Tray. The settings menu can be accessed by right-clicking on that icon.
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The program interface is organized in a simple way so you can easily view statistics on your connection. Just right click on the system tray icon and then click on Usage Statistic. The Usage Report window is well organized with tabs letting to find exactly what you are looking for. From General tab, you will be able check Sent and Received data with Dial-Up Duration for today and from the last day you checked the statistic. Daily Report, Weekly Report and Monthly Report show report on per day/week/month basis.
NetWorx Monitor Internet Speed & Check Internet Usage On DailyWeeklyMonthly Or Custom Basis [Windows] (4)
In each of the intervals above, the incoming and outgoing data is represented graphically for easy viewing, except on the "general" in which there are only results in numbers. In addition to reports, the program has tools that check connections established, general purpose graphics and speed of data transfer over the network. At a Glance menu shows all reports in peak/off-peak hours under single window. Custom lets you check bandwidth and usage for a custom time period. Dial-Up Sessions shows statistics for all dial-up sessions and Hourly Rate shows average download/upload speed per hour basis. You can also export data for further analysis or to save in XLS, RTF, HTML, TXT and CSV format.
NetWorx has many other features besides of monitoring internet speed and usage. Like, you will be able to Ping or Trace Route with this tool. NetWorx is a brilliant free network monitor tool that works on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and we also tested it successfully under Windows 8Consumer Preview. NetWorx is available as both installer version and portable version.

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