How To Download Torrent File Like Other Normal File

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Despite a number of good BitTorrent clients for Windows, downloading torrents is definitely not without its own fair share of annoyances. Be it the increasing number of blockades and speed throttles for BitTorrent access or the inconvenience of having to use platform dependent clients across devices.
Zbigz, a online BitTorrent client here comes to rescue. All you need to do is to paste the link of the torrent and Zbigz will give you a direct HTTP link after downloading the torrent in its own servers. You can later conveniently download torrent using IDM or any other download manager. The most precious feature here is ofcourse the ability download torrents despite ISP or workplace restrictions.

Zbigz Features

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  • No installation or configuration required.
  • Anonymous torrent downloads.
  • Works via the browser. Download torrents just like any other file.
  • Download torrents despite ISP restrictions.
  • Extremely simple to use.

How It Works?

zbigz working principle
The principle behind Zbigz is extremely simple. Their servers start caching (or downloading, in simple terms) the torrents which you add in the site and once it is done, you can download the file as a direct download. Heck, you can even receive notifications through email when the file is done caching. There is no need to configure proxies and firewall to download torrents. Another nice touch by Zbigz is user anonymity. All the torrent requests are handled on your behalf by Zbigz, keeping your IP anonymous.

Fool Proof

zbigz interface simple
Downloading torrents from zbigz is extremely straight forward. All you need to do is to paste the link of the torrent file and press go. If you have the .torrent file you can upload it as well. Registering free on zbigz lets you keep the torrent files up to 7 days and simultaneously download maximum of two torrents which is really meagre though. Do note that you have to keep Zbigz open to cache the torrent if you are a free account user.


Despite Zbigz claims of up to 150 KBps downloads for free accounts, I was never able to get speeds beyond 80KB/s after two days of testing with torrents from various sources. Well seeded torrents were cached incredibly fast with caching speeds even clocking 30 MB/s, while the ones seeded scarcely took considerable time.
zbigz performance
Zbigz zips your torrent downloads if it contains more than one file present in it, and this is where I encountered some serious stability issues. Zipping the torrent took very long at times and trying to download an individual file resulted in page time out. Only after multiple refreshes, I could get the files to download. This is something critical Zbigz should get fixed soon. Other than the occasional time outs and annoying popups prompting for upgrade, everything worked dandy.

There is Nothing like Free Dinner

zbigz free vs premium accounts
The feature parity between the Free and Premium accounts will make free users cringe. Free account users get some real third-class citizen treatment with insane speed cap of 150 KB/s for downloads and support for a maximum of only 2 simultaneous torrent downloads. No such restrictions exist in the premium account. Apart from that, premium users even get dedicated channels for fast caching, have no ads and can even stream media files while they are being cached. Duh.

Final Words

There is no way you are going to rely on Zbigz Free as your primary BitTorrent client if  your ISP provider or workplace does not have any issues with BitTorrent usage, thanks to severe limitations imposed on the Free account. The existing speed and stability issues makes the matter only worse.
However, if you quickly need to get some BitTorrent access where there is no client installed or simply if the access to torrents is blocked, you will be simply better off with Zbigz as it really saves you some precious time spent in circumventing network blockades and client installation. Also if you are a heavy torrent user, we recommend you to give the Premium account a good try.

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