Download Crack Your Screen HD And Prank Your Friend

Crack Your Screen HD is an app to make fun of your friends. It can display an image on the screen, as if the display was broken. When you open the app, you can activate this view with a slight movement in the apparatus. Crack Your Screen HD is a simple and fun tool. It can be activated whenever you want, and was developed in a way that makes everything more realistic. After activating the application, you can deliver the unit to another person and the effect appears on the screen after a movement of the appliance. In the settings app you can determine the sensitivity of movement, both to perform and to reverse the effect of Crack Your HD Screen. You can also enable sound for a broken screen. This is a downside to Crack Your HD Screen. Even with the volume at 100%, the sound effect is very low, almost imperceptible.

Another detail is shown that the effects are varied, some more realistic than others. But you can not select what you want to display it, because the choice is made randomly. Still, Crack Your Screen HD is a fun app, a simple tool, which can yield good laugh and to scare your friends who ask for Android borrowed.
How to use:
  1. Press the "Ready" button.
  2. Shake your phone.
  3. Oops your screen is cracked.
  4. Shake again for repair.
So when your friends ask your Android to borrow, you can fool them by pretending that they were responsible for the damage on the screen. Crack Your HD Screen displays various kinds of effect, and can be reversed by a further movement of the apparatus.
Crack Your Screen HD is no doubt a funny tool to make your friends completely fool by cracking your Android’s screen (Not real! You are just faking the crack effect). It works on Android 2.1 or later and available for free on Google Play.

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