Moboto: Transforming iOS Devices into the Ultimate Sidekick

Did you ever wish your iPhone had more personality? Would you like to give your trusty sidekick an eye, a mouth, arms, a name? Well if Mark Solomon’s kickstarter project Moboto is successful, you’ll be able to choose a personality and a number of features for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
Moboto has planned several different docking bases for charging your iDevice. The dock would connect a micro USB to USB A cord to plug into any outlet. You would be able to pick the persona and face of your sidekick via the free Moboto app. The Moboto can show you the weather, set an alarm, do FaceTime, display battery life warnings and the time- the last two show up creepily on the cyclops eye.
Moboto plans to open us the app to Android devices assuming his idea for iOS devices is picked up first. Check out the concept video below:

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