How Strong Is Gorrilas Glass 2 [Video]

gorilla glass 2
We all know gorillas are tough. That’s why they use 800-pound gorilla to call someone who’s the biggest and baddest in a certain area.
Well, the 800-pound gorilla in glass making is Corning, the maker of the protective sheets of glass that protect the displays of our oh-so-precious devices from nicks and scratches.
Corning’s Gorilla Glass is used in hundreds of devices and have become synonymous with durability. Heck, you can even hammer nails with it.
Yet, there’s something better – Corning’s Gorilla Glass 2, which is used, amongst others, inSamsung’s record-breaking Galaxy S3. Gorilla 2 is even stronger than the first generation of scratch-resistant glass. Actually, manufacturers can get the same protection for their devices by using a sheet that is 20% thinner. This in turns makes possible the ever-thinner devices that we got used to lately.
The glass specialist has released a nifty that shows precisely how strong its latest creation is. Check it out yourself and think about how cool it would be if all glass would be Gorilla glass.

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