How To Uninstall Internet Explorer In Window 7 ?

Even if it is the most popular web browser world wide, Internet Explorer started to lose his users, while Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are rising day by day and the main reason is that they give much better web browsing to all internet users. So if you have installed other web browser then it’s time to remove Internet Explorer 8 from your Windows 7. 
1. Go to Start then Control Panel. If you use large icons view go to Programs and than select Programs and Features. If your icons view in Control Panel is small icons, go to Programs and Features.
Programs and Features in Windows 7
2. In the new window, on the left click at the Turn Windows features on or off link.
Windows 7 Features
3. In this window will appear a list, the third is Internet Explorer 8, so uncheck it and click Ok.
Internet Explorer 8 Windows Features
4. A new dialog windows will appear asking you if you want to continue. ClickYes and Windows will start removing Internet Explorer 8.
Remove Internet Explorer 8
Windows 7 Progress Bar
After finishing with removing, Windows 7 needs to be restarted in order to apply the changes. So windows will ask you that and you have to click Restart Now.
Windows 7 Restart

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