How to Detect Malware Websites with Google

Having a safe browsing session is very difficult, because there are always websites that contain different type of malwares like: computer viruses, trojan horses, spyware, adware, worms, rootkits and other suspicious programs. All these malwares can exploit you computer by accessing and gathering your information and data. So if you land on a suspicious website your computer system will be the first candidate to be infected by malware software.
Different antivirus programs can be a great solution for avoiding these websites while surfing but not always they are able to detect them, so the risk still exists. But if you are from those people who care for the safety then I will show you a simple trick how to check the security of any website using Google.
Google regularly  inspects every single website on the internet but it doesn’t give the results of these inspections while we search. So you have to do it manually, just by using the following link:
At the end of the url, you have to replace the ADD-THE-WEBSITE-URL-HERE part with the URL of the website for which you want to get the Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page (for example After a few seconds Google will give you a page where it gives different type of information about the particular page like:
  •  is the page listed as suspicious by Google
  • when Google visited the website for the last time and what happened when the test was performed
  • does the site has intermediated in distribution of malware
  • and does the site has hosted malware over the past 90 days

The picture above is a screenshot taken from the results I got for As you can seen that our blog is not listed as suspicious website and that Google didn’t find any suspicious content on Dip in IT within the past 90 days.
So be careful and avoid suspicious website in the future. Viruses, trojans, adwares, spywares and any type of malware can find place on your computer very easy even if you have antivirus software installed in your computer. This is as result of the fact that everyday new viruses are created and the best thing is to find the best antivirus software and update the virus database in daily basis.

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