Browse The Web Privately By Mozila Firefox

In Cambodia, there are many Internet Shop and Internet Cafe. .If you are using someones public computer to browse the internet (Facebook, e-mail etc.) and you don’t feel comfortable leaving your browsing history and personal data on their internet browser (which happens to be Mozilla Firefox), than you should use Private Browsing.Private Browsing is a very neat option that Firefox offers us, but people barely use it. It’s very practical and the moment you close private browsing or close Firefox, everything you wrote and every website you visited automatically vanishes.
How do you turn it on!?
Open Firefox, go to Tools -> Start Private Browsing … or use the shortcut (CTRL + SHIFT + P) and that’s all.
If you can’t find it, either you have an outdated version of Firefox or you need glasses :P. 
Here you go … Keep your personal data away from curious eyes.

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