This Is Likely The Greatest Keyboard Ever Designed For iPad

touchfire keyboard
As the title states, this is likely the greatest keyboard ever designed for iPad. It’s incredible the amount of work that was put into making it, and the level of detail and innovation is right up on Apple’s level. Don’t believe it? Let’s take a look then.
Presenting the Touchfire Keyboard for iPad. It weighs less than an ounce and is lighter and thinner than Apple’s Smart Cover is. The keyboard, according to the New York Times and many others, is “like typing on a physical keyboard.” In a way, you actually are typing on a physical keyboard now, which gives the user feedback that a button was pressed. That’s something a software keyboard just can’t do. While you may be able to type faster on a mobile phone with a touch screen than with physical keys (some people can, anyways), many people love that physical feel. They don’t just want the operating system to tell them that they pressed a button; they actually want to FEEL that button. The Touchfire keyboard does this in a remarkable way.
Steve Isaac, a former programmer, and Brad Melmon, a product designer, have come up with a solution for those who have trouble typing on the iPad, by designing a transparent, and extremely thin rubbery sheet that gets placed overtop of your iPad screen. The material is obviously completely safe for the device, and it rolls up when it’s not in use. In fact, they’ve tought things through so much, that they’ve take advantage of some of Apple’s own designs, and made the keyboard work in sync with them.
For example, the keyboard can be rolled up with the Smart Cover, allowing it to be out-of-the-way when you wanted it to be, and be stored right in with the device when traveling. The keyboard also slides on to perfect placement every time you want it due to the utilization of the built-in magnets of the iPad. The keyboard grabs hold of those magnets, slipping into the perfect position and staying there.
For those curious of whether their special characters can still be used, you’ll be happy to know that the keyboard was built with you in mind. You can easily slide to alternative characters without a beat, just like you always could.
Aside from getting used to the rubber under your fingers, the Touchfire Keyboard for iPad is sure to be an amazing product when it begins shipping out all over the place. Currently, this project is on Kickstarter, as the two men are attempting to fund their project. Their goal was $10,000. As of this post, they’ve nearly exceeded $184,000, and they’ve still got time left!
Check out their video of this amazing little product below! You can visit their KickStarter listing to find out more information, and to help kick-start their innovation! Would you like to own this keyboard for your iPad? Do you think it would enhance your experience? Share, and let us know!

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