Sample Photos Taken From The New iPad’s 5 Megapixel Shooter

Although the iPad has been a revolutionary product since the first iteration dropped some two years ago, it has, in the eyes of many, taken a backseat to the Cupertino company’s smartphone.
When the iPad 2 dropped last year, many consumers were left a shade disappointed by the new screen – or specifically – a lack thereof. The cameras added gave the impression that Apple had decided the iPad would benefit from snappers, but didn’t have the resources to keep them of the standard consumers had become accustomed to with the iPhone 4.
Thankfully, the speculation leading up to the release of the new iPad was exactly on-point, and Tim Cook’s company has delivered a truly spectacular 5 mega-pixel snapper which will leave photos looking exquisite on the all-new Retina display.
Apple has showcased some of the images featured in the keynote speech on its website, along with a couple of videos; all of which are downloadable. There’s one of a ladybird, one depicting a beach, another of an old ship as well as an excellent shot of a border collie, check them all out below:

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