Apple Can Legally Force Motorola To Destroy Their Phones

This is some very upsetting and serious news for Motorola and it is just the latest chapter in the Apple vs Motorola Mobility legal battle. Now a new ruling has found that Motorola did violate Apple’s EU Patent No. EP2059868 on a “portable electronic device for photo management”.

The patent fixes over scrolling by bouncing the user back when you’ve zoomed in too far. And even though this patent is software related, but it may cause serious problems to Motorola’s hardware if they don’t fix it quickly. An injunction granted by the Munich I Regional Court allows Apple to require Motorola to destroy any infringing products in the company’s possession in Germany. This means that Apple can force Motorola to recall all of their patent infringing products from German retailers to destroy them if they choose to.
This probably won’t happen though since Motorola can send a simple software update to their infringing products to avoid any enforcement of the injunction. However, Apple still has a number of cases against Motorola and other handset manufacturers in courts across Europe, so who knowsw what the next chapter in this saga will be.
Source Cult Of Mac

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