What are the Benefits of Wireless Internet Providers

All internet provision is going through the roof in terms of speed. DSL (digital subscriber line), cable and wireless all give you more download capabilities than ever before. They give you the ability to stream movies while downloading others – to watch content while performing hundreds of other tasks in the background. 

Wireless internet providers deliver portability. If you take your internet with your phone or portable device then you can connect anywhere. Your cell phone provider delivers security, too: if you are using your own contract connection to access the internet when you are out and about then you should normally experience more built in security benefits than if you are hopping onto an unsecured public Wi-Fi connection.  

If you live in a metropolitan area (that’s a massive city, like London or Birmingham) then your wireless internet provider can potentially hook you up to the 4G network, which is capable of delivering download speeds faster than many home broadband packages. Be aware, though, that claims made by device manufacturers about 4G compatibility are sometimes a little confusing. If a mobile phone says it is “4G” it is just as likely to mean that it is a fourth generation handset as it is to mean that it can handle the potentially super-fast downloads available on the 4G network, which is an entirely different thing.

So coverage is not a problem in major urban areas – but when you step outside those areas you can get into real difficulty with your internet provision. Take me, for example. I live in the country, in a little village by the sea. It’s very nice to look at but technologically it lives in the Dark Ages. Wireless internet here is a joke – you can maybe get EDGE if you are really lucky, 3G and 4G not a chance. If I want fast internet speeds I have to use a wireless router from my home – so no browsing on the move for me.
The major benefit offered by wireless internet providers is clearly the ability to take as-fast-as-home download and streaming speeds with you wherever you are. The web has become more than simply a source of information for us now. We are relying increasingly heavy on connectivity to empower every area of our lives – from work to play. And the mobile device (note they’re not really called phones anymore) is your portable access key to everything the net can do for you.

Recent social media promotions have shown just how easy it is for a powerful handheld device to unlock the life-enhancing capabilities of the net. Geographic locators are now being used to inform promotions, which are sent to signed up members’ mobile devices when they are in the requisite area. Think of it as a much more impressive and useful version of those messages you get when you go abroad and your phone tells you where you are.

The new promotions are capable of working out that you are a few streets away from a pizza restaurant at lunchtime, and sending you a two for one meal deal voucher for that restaurant. They can perform the same functions for any business and event in your physical vicinity – effectively bringing you all the relevant information about your real world location, as and when you need it and with the chance to take advantage of exclusive offers thrown in as a bonus. That’s what the modern internet can do for you – and it can only do it if you are using the services of a mobile internet provider. Your wireless device may well be covered by your home internet provision while you are in range – but as soon as you go to work or go out, you need a carrier that sends information through a SIM card and the mobile phone network, rather than transmitting it from a wireless modem in your house.
Until the day that the communications providers get together and work out how to provide a single internet provision, which works wherever you are in the country, you’ll only get access to the wonderful world of information by using wireless service providers.


Wireless internet providers deliver portability. If you take your internet with your phone or portable device then you can connected it anywhere you want.

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