Popular iPhone Game: Thief Lupin Now Available On Android (Free)

Thief Lupin is one such game where the people who have spent hours and days acing the arcade games would love to indulge themselves in. Excellent graphics, dexterous controls, innovative game play make Thief Lupin one of the brightest additions to the Android Market.
Thief Lupin opens up with some serious spy music and an opening menu that enables you to change Lupin’s clothing if you like. He comes with a basic ensemble that looks pretty cool on its own, but the new outfits will cost you. However, you don’t necessarily have to open up your real life wallet.
You can pay for costumes, new playable characters, and other types of game upgrades by collecting the jewels that are scattered through the game’s levels, or by purchasing them through microtransactions.
Download Thief Lupin 1.0.0 APK: Link
Android Market Link

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