Legendary Heroes: Dota Style Game Now Available For Android (Free)

We know that Dota  is one of the best startegy Games designed for providing hours of entertainment. Here another Dota Style Game for Android,  Legendary Heroes by Maya is a universal fantasy role playing game that lets you play three different characters at the same time. Max out your special abilities and start slaying enemies in this “freemium” adventure.
Legendary Heroes
Players control three characters that, once the tutorial level is over, they get to pick from. There are eight characters in all, three of which can only be unlocked with coins or gems. Once the game begins, the player will be controlling one fighter, but the other two will follow along, auto-fighting the whole way. Players can switch between characters to use special abilities, fight specific enemies, or destroy the enemy source towers.
The game includes 30 maps that all provides interesting challenges for beginners as well as for veterans. Get ready to boost your team with amazing power ups and make use of faster, stronger or tougher game-play ideas.
Download Legendary Heroes 1.1.0 Apk: Link
Android Market link

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