iTweak Store Floated up - A Web based Jailbreak App Store

Every jailbreaker depends on Cydia, now a new store named "iTweak" floated up. It describes itself as a 'Cydia alternative', where jailbreakers will be available to find all of their favorite tweaks, themes and utilities…
The foundation for the success of Jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is ‘Cydia’ which is now used by millions of users worldwide. With thousands of applications and tweaks hosted on it and 2 million users logging into the app every day, Cydia has undoubtedly turned into a full-featured marketplace for jailbreakers to download tweaks, utilities, themes, and applications to enable functionalities that otherwise is not available with iOS device installed with stock firmware.
The downside of the Cydia store is that all the hosted applications are scattered and it is difficult for a rookie to locate them. You have to manually go to Cydia App to find if the application supports the latest jailbroken firmware. Ryan Petrich, however, is working on a tweak which fills the gap. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have been allowed to search (category wise), download and install your favorite iOS extensions directly from the Mobile Safari browser (just like the Apple Appstore)?
Unlike Cydia’s stand-alone app, iTweak Store, is an upcoming online marketplace that will likely fill this gap. Spearheaded by Kyle Pierre (@roktheworld27) and Max Tamer-Mahoney (@mtamermahoney), iTweak Store will allow developers to sells their jailbreak apps and users to purchase them at ease. The success of iTweak Store will depend on how many developers will support the platform once it’s available for masses. The store is still in the early stages of development, and will be live next month. Right now, the description at the site reads:
"Welcome to iTweak! iTweak is one of the best places to get all of your Tweaks, Themes, Utilities and more on your jailbroken iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad! We serve as an alternative to Cydia, and the Apple App Store."
iTweak Store, a browser-based dpkg Installer, seems to be sleek and fast, so it is unlikely that users will benefit from some of the more advanced features that Saurik’s Cydia app offers. Details are thin at this point of time but since iTweak Store is web-based, it should allow users to log-in with their online accounts to download and install tweaks and should tell what iOS devices does the tweak support along with the latest iOS compatibility. It is still unclear whether the store will offer an option to manage repositories or take a backup for installed packages.
We can't forsee the far future, but for a long while, Cydia should still be a leader among the jailbreak app store as all the popular jailbreak applications are hosted on it. Since, Cydia has already cemented its reputation as the go-to iOS jailbreak app installer; it will be interesting to see how iTweak Store fares against the de-facto package installer.
What you think of an upcoming iTweak Store in all its glory. Does it have the potential to blossom into a competitive alternative jailbreak application store?
via cydiablog

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