iPad 2 VS Kindle Fire, Battle is here

Amazon recently launched its tablet, the Kindle fire, priced at a whopping amount of $199. With this new gadget out in the market, it is definitely inevitable that it is compared to the most famous tablet out there, the iPad 2. The two gadgets can be compared on four aspects; the overall look and appearance, the boot up time required by both, Netflix streaming and lastly web browsing. Talking about the first perspective, the Apple iPad 2 no doubt, beats the Amazon’s kindle by a mile.
With its signature sleek and stylized design, it’s insane design and fine finish make it almost incomparable to any other tablet in the market. Coming onto the boot up time required by both the tablets, it was seen that the Amazon’s Kindle is much slower as compared to the iPad 2 in this case. This is probably due to the A4 processor incorporated in the iPad 2 and due to the optimized iOS5 software. Next comes the comparison of Netflix streaming, in this case it was seen that the Amazon tablet allows more smoother streaming which is due to the newer version of Android client included in it.
Lastly, when it comes to web browsing, Apple’s Safari won hands down as compared to the Amazon’s Silk. However, the Kindle supported Flash which is not supported in Apple’s software. Even though the iPad and Kindle Fire are completely distinguishable, the Amazon’s tablet can be better compared to Android tablets in the market.
Here’s a video showing iPad 2 VS Kindle Fire:

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