Intoxicase Tracks How Many Beers You Open With Your iPhone

Intoxicase is a case for your iPhone 4/4S with a built in bottle opening and a companion app that can count how many bottles you pop, play music, find your car, call a cab, and share the occasion. Intoxicase Not simply a bottle opener welded onto an iPhone 4/4S case, the Intoxicase is the product of hundreds of design and experiment hours that resulted in the patent pending 'tight-clamping' bottle opener. Embedded perfectly inside the pure Polycarb case and uniquely designed to provide the ultimate integration experience the Intoxicase is first and foremost a protective case. Stainless Steel 304 allows both durabiltiy and minimalistic deisgn thus maintaining the iPhone's sleek design Intoxicase Plus The Intoxicase+ holds a small collapsible mechanism that allows you, the user, to open a refreshing bottle of beer (or any bottle with a cap, of course). When you're done, you can simply push the collapsible "reach-out" bottle opener and fold it back to the case, where it will be an unobtrusive part of your iPhone case Intoxicase+ combines our love for small mechanics and minimalistic design. For those who want to be with yet feel without, the Intoxicase+ offers an innovative, first of its kind, iPhone case. The Intoxicase is available to purchase for $35 at the link below. The Intoxicase Plus is available to pre-order for a limited time price of $35. Regular price will be $45. You can download the Intoxicase app from here.

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